How to copy a PostgreSQL database to another server?

1. Using pg_dump command

pg_dump -C -h localhost -U localuser dbname | psql -h remotehost -U remoteuser dbname


pg_dump -C -h remotehost -U remoteuser dbname | psql -h localhost -U localuser dbname

2. With TablePlus

In TablePlus, you can copy a database to another server using the Backup and Restore feature.

Backup Data

  • From welcome screen, click on the Backup button
  • Choose your connection and database, and hit Start Backup...

TablePlus will export a .dump file for you to save on your computer.

Backup Data

Restore Data

  • From welcome screen, click on the Restore button
  • Choose your dumb file, choose connection and database, then hit Start Restore....

TablePlus will import data from the dumb file to your selected database. You can import the dump file into an existing database or create a new database from this window.

Restore Data

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