Build 300 - New features

Release date: 31 March 2020.

SHA: ed8e8add50d60df29ee775d5296c6842b134f3f767984d3afea5ee46555f6b9a
  • [MySQL, MariaDB] Reduced memory usage.
  • [Advanced filter] Supported OR filter.
  • [The Right Sidebar] Supported multiple carets and syntax highlighting.
  • [Quick Look] Supported XML/JSON syntax highlighting.
  • [Quick Look] Improved JSON Viewer.
  • Supported search and replace in the Quick Look editor.
  • Improved import/export speed.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t render the big blob on the right sidebar.
  • [SQL Editor] Fixed invalid whitespace bug.
  • Various bug fixes and improvements.

Build 296 - New features and bugfixes

Release date: 12 February 2020.

SHA: e993c07662c1c0c91fb70c419bf6d7dc700dc39a832a8ce3629a18649cbfc72c
  • Supported edit view content.
  • Supported nested connection group.
  • [TableData] Supported set column positions and widths.
  • [Preferences] Added PostGIS decoder option.
  • [Preferences] Added data locations for synching connections with private cloud (Dropbox, iCloud…).
  • [Export SQL] TablePlus now split queries into 250KB chunk size.
  • Improved Import/Export performance.
  • [MySQL] Supported edit table encoding and collation.
  • Fixed a bug where auto limit queries were not recorded in history correctly.
  • Fixed bug parse foreign key with custom quotes.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus could ignore auto limit.
  • Fixed a bug where foreign keys were not loaded in the query result.
  • [Backup/Restore] Fixed an escape password bug.
  • Fixed many potential crash bugs.
  • Fixed a bug loading foreign keys.
  • Polish UI.

Build 290 - New features and bugfixes

Release date: 18 January 2020.

SHA: c9a966a96c07b870558b726c617b819df206af5708146ff7370b544bf232c17f
  • Added Geometry Viewer when hovering mouse on the geometry data cell.
  • Fixed a bug High CPU after backup/restore.
  • [SQLite] [Redshift] Fixed a CSV import bug.
  • [PostgreSQL] Supported view/edit Geometry data.

Build 286 - Happy new year

Release date: 12 January 2020.

SHA: 7b01822ba8405d57135d3aa4b596fa87e95a9d9822ce3ebb44ad828c3dc4cb76
  • Improved advanced filter with state colors.
  • Improved backup compress speed.
  • Added PostgreSQL 12 binaries.
  • TablePlus no longer replaces SQL tabs.
  • [Search] Supported matching pattern: use the double quote when searching.
  • [MySQL] Supported opening foreign keys cross-database.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug parse Geometry data.
  • [MySQL] Fixed performance issue when the database has hundreds of thousand users.
  • [SQL Server] Handled updating Unicode string correctly.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug where empty column and the query status could be ignored in some cases.
  • [SQL Editor] Added an ability to add all table fields when using auto-completion.
  • [SQL Editor] Updated gutter font sync with editor font.
  • Fixed a bug where the advanced filter state wasn’t updated.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus could not open Gzip files.

Build 282 - Enhancements

Release date: 8 December 2019.

SHA: 1c19dfa8ad6fe03e56ead9b4386b41ea4e1ffcbeba64d9943cf171f4162f02b6
  • Updated theme colors.
  • Improved export feature.
  • Enabled tab to next field in Table Structure and Table Index.
  • [Advanced filter] [MySQL] Added case sensitive filter.
  • [Advanced filter] Fixed a bug where the filter could produce invalid queries.
  • [SQLite] Supported rename column.
  • [MySQL, MariaDB] Fixed a bug where TablePlus could reconnect repeatedly.
  • [SQL Server] Improved loading time.
  • [Editor] Supported auto-completion in Multiple Cursors mode.
  • [Editor] Fixed split horizontally via the right-click menu context.
  • [Editor] Fixed a tab-width bug.
  • Fixed a lot of potential crash bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where the content which was edited via quick look could be ignored.

Build 278 - Enhancements

Release date: 12 November 2019.

SHA: 0bcbd1a5110ae78fe52017531e74b6d63c8fcaea0e39c6135cfc538a0f53d8dd
  • Scrollable left sidebar (database view).
  • Improved theme colors.
  • Updated backup/restore windows UI.
  • Updated preferences UI.
  • [Quick look] Support multiple carets.
  • [Editor] Fixed a crash bug.
  • Beautify and uglify the current query instead of all the queries.
  • Fixed huge memory issues during import/export.
  • Fixed a bug where select all text in a cell was limited 32k characters.

Build 276 - Enhancements

Release date: 8 November 2019.

SHA: 1704360e2bc97bec96b7606de80b93d415b917894996e71f68b1753ee2f5fc2c
  • Improved theme colors.
  • Updated backup/restore windows UI.
  • Updated preferences UI.
  • [Quick look] Support multiple carets.
  • [Editor] Fixed a crash bug.
  • Beautify and uglify the current query instead of all the queries.
  • Fixed huge memory issues during import/export.
  • Fixed a bug where select all text in a cell was limited 32k characters.

Build 272 - Bug fixes

Release date: 26 October 2019.

SHA: ee4f23b286f5407704d01c9b84eab0084eaa95fc90e234b5f85ca0a46a34edc3
  • TablePlus will try to decode blob data to text if it is possible.
  • [Editor] Improved code auto-completion.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a glitch UI issue in user management.
  • Fixed a crash bug on EL Capitan.

Build 270 - Blog: What’s new in TablePlus build 270?

Release date: 22 October 2019.

SHA: 0827b2ab45750a77aa4531cfaf58737b5713638f9ca80abf1da241f3735bc31c
  • [Query Editor] Wrap selected text in quotes.
  • [Query Editor] Supported multiple cursors.
  • Improved Quick Look location popup.
  • Improved CSV export function.
  • Added an ability to change the query params regex.
  • Added Command + Delete: Delete items and ignore foreign key checks.
  • TablePlus now export/import connection encoded URL correctly.
  • TablePlus will suggest you to use the TouchID to unlock safe mode.
  • [MySQL User Management] Added CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES privilege.
  • [SQL Server] Added IDENTITY when creating a new column.
  • [SQL Server] Use a single transaction when executing multiple queries.
  • [MySQL] Improved Binary data type support.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug syntax error when executing a function contains DELIMITER with comments.
  • [SQLite] Added handler for real data type.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug where backup/restore didn’t work if the user name contains the @ character.
  • [Mongo] Supported count rows in results.
  • Fixed a minor license system issue.
  • Fixed a bug where the last row could not be rendered in some cases.
  • Fixed a crash bug when TablePlus wake up from idle.
  • Fixed a few potential crash bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where the theme didn’t change in macOS Catalina auto theme mode.
  • Fixed a bug where pin/unpin item didn’t respect multiple selections.
  • Fixed a bug where Open Recent is always empty.
  • Fixed some glitch UI bugs.
  • Fixed some driver bugs.
  • Fixed a bug using default filter operator with always show.
  • Fixed a memory leak bug.

Build 264 - Catalina

Release date: 24 September 2019.

SHA: 5d50e2627855d4f99e3ca7427aa53489e5b98e60aa31c826902b92d478dadc91
  • Improvement macOS Catalina support.
  • Supported enterprise users with Auto-Agent security guard.
  • Fixed a bug where variables were not applied.

Build 262 - New features

Release date: 17 September 2019.

SHA: 988a18434af2e81504852b88917bd95d44d161ea40238a9ea65387d4d3f877cb
  • Fixed an auto completion bug with alias.

Build 260 - New features

Release date: 16 September 2019.

SHA: b6ede79b963c5b57b9c215fbac711d1da3e7f8d62448b1ba21ec0e6cf0625122
  • Added advanced filter config: default column, default operator, default filter state.
  • Supported filter with a column in the right-click context menu on the table header.
  • Improved data detection and tuning the dark theme.
  • Improved the Safe Mode: the Safe Mode now can ingore comments.
  • [Snowflake] Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t fetch the views.
  • [Snowflake] Fixed a bug where TablePlus unresponsive during larger queries.
  • Fixed a visual bug in the foreign key popup.
  • Fixed a bug where the Right Sidebar wasn’t reloaded after refreshing/committing
  • Fixed a bug where the Counter wasn’t rendered correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Connection SQLite over SSH could cause reconnect repeatedly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Console didn’t load font correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Editor Search Panel didn’t show up after pressing command + F.

Build 256 - Enhancements

Release date: 22 August 2019.

SHA: 7513e351de7578aee99ce2cd67fa70c83bd2895dec136bed023fce00f54cede1
  • Improved UX/UI, theme colors and performance.
  • TablePlus now won’t reload all tables after committing.
  • Supported double click to open an item in the item-overview.
  • TablePlus now scrolls to the beginning of the document when navigating to next and previous page.
  • [Oracle] Upgrqade Oracle Library.
  • [Oracle] Fixed a crash bug when fetching rows.
  • [Oracle] Supported UTF8 charset.
  • [Open anything] Supported control + p/n as arrow alias.
  • [Open Anything] Hold Command + Open an item to open the item in a new tab.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t get MySQL database list.
  • Fixed a bug which could affect the performance (counting rows).
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus didn’t show the database bar after merging windows.

Build 252 - Bug fixes

Release date: 31 July 2019.

SHA: 42638fa0f54f093504b955ef33f54355ba073268feedae670f7fe8e78c03b05c
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t retrieve binary data correctly.

Build 250 - Bug fixes

Release date: 30 July 2019.

SHA: 0b77a206dd45e60aed8032d088d05aba6c75f1a1b0543f9233b13cdb23368eba
  • Fixed an import bug where TablePlus skipped the last chunk.
  • [Cassandra] Supported ALLOW FILTERING.
  • Improved auto-completion context awareness.
  • [Redshift] Added driver logo.
  • [Redshift] Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t load Spectrum Tables.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug parse date time.
  • [Preferecnes] TablePlus will not restore recently opened workspace except you turn it on.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t retrieve binary data correctly.

Build 246 - Bug fixes

Release date: 15 July 2019.

SHA: 4c0c1592aec9017f0c90149294bd492a7c7666abbeb2503b32bf2ed6af634a3c
  • Updated libSSH.
  • TablePlus is no longer prompt for an update if you turn it off.
  • Improved fuzzy searching for items/databases.
  • Improved backup/restore default driver.
  • [MySQL] Supported backup –all-databases flag.
  • Added sorting connection by name/tag/driver.
  • Filling zero for the date and time in the naming pattern.
  • Fixed a bug where clicking a foreign key could generate a wrong query.
  • Fixed a bug export CSV where TablePlus didn’t respect the option convert line break to spaces.
  • Fixed a bug where asking password every time didn’t work.
  • Fixed a few minor bugs.

Build 242 - Bug fixes

Release date: 02 July 2019.

SHA: 3a51852c0e7888d8caafc4728a627a6ee3dec4e0301ddb12839d3a9146097b00
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t get header history.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus wouldn’t show process list.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a threading bug which could cause a crash.

Build 240 - New feature

Release date: 29 Jun 2019.

SHA: 790dba70c5c7f8258f2d1f106465ec27764f2800b5269f47757194a2e76631ff
  • TablePlus will restore the recently closed workspaces.
  • [Auto completion] Added an option auto prefix schema name.
  • Improved import/export big dump file.
  • Fixed a editing inline bug where the cell wasn’t marked as yellow.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus didn’t update the sidebar after switching database by shortcut.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus froze if the user opened console during import SQL.

Build 233 - New feature

Release date: 21 Jun 2019.

SHA: 45c4f67a4471e7ec482b9b85669eb1694f3cb30caf81d738ccaf9fbe47709236
  • Supported query params.
  • Supported export CSV with the option convert line break to space.
  • Supported killing running queries.
  • [Backup/Restore] TablePlus now remembers backup/restore options, gzip checkbox state and driver version.
  • Advanced safe mode now can ignore Explain queries.
  • Export CSV now respects the column position.
  • [SQLite] Enabled Over SSH.
  • Optimized editing mode, it takes zero time when pressing Tab to navigate to the next cell.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t load foreign key in multiple schemas.
  • TablePlus now startups in zero time.
  • New icon set for the dark theme.
  • Bug fix and performance improvements.
  • Improved SSH Security.
  • Added Command + Delete/Option + Delete to Delete/Truncate tables.
  • Added naming pattern when backup/restore database.
  • Changed the advanced filter behaviors, clear all button will remove applied filters instead of deleting it.
  • Improved tab color when the app is inactive.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus failed to restore Welcome window size/position.
  • Fixed a bug where the Welcome Screen didn’t close after opening SQLite database.
  • Fixed a bug where inline editing cell has a different font with the table data.
  • [Redis] Fixed a counting bug.
  • [Redis] Support ElasticCache TLS (Redis with TLS).
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug where columns with utf8 were not rendered correctly.
  • [MySQL] Fixed an escaping password bug in the backup/restore.
  • [MySQL] Added MySQL 8 binaries for backup/restore.
  • [MariaDB] Supported native driver and enabled socket forwarding.

Build 228 - Bug fixes

Release date: 21 May 2019.

SHA: bf3350deeba7d62df1e9e2cf35d8e43c5f785d8e9e5e109d951797e6e1bef1c0
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus didn’t render the total result count.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t save the advanced filter states.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t hide the advanced filter.
  • Connect over an SSH tunneling is now faster 30%.
  • Supported backup/restore using socket over an SSH tunneling.
  • Supported forwarding socket over SSH.
  • TablePlus now remembers console state show/hide.
  • Improved the default font system: default monospaced digit.
  • Improved estimated rows count.
  • Improved searching for items with regex.
  • Improved SQL beautify function.
  • Improved auto-completion context awareness.
  • Improved general UI, typo.
  • Improved the left sidebar database stack view (multiple workspaces).
  • [Mongo] Fixed a bug where editing a row with the primary is a string.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug where blob values were shown incorrectly.
  • [Redis] Fixed a bug syntax error when reloading content with enabled filter.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug where the result was empty in some cases.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a crash bug on EL Capitan.
  • [MYSQL] Fixed a bug where SSL keys were not found.
  • [MySQL] Fixed bug where TablePlus couldn’t insert an index with column length.
  • Fixed some potential backup/restore bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where shift-left eats characters.

Build 222 - New safe mode levels, new font system

Release date: 26 Apr 2019.

SHA: b86292baa8fb7a4e3c94aac114f1deca8a6f3965d4c4541c184f6b822d6ac1e7
  • Added two new safe mode levels which can ignore SELECT queries.
  • Supported edit bytea as Hex value.
  • Supported parse safe mode level from URL.
  • Supported all macOS fonts.
  • Supported changing row padding.
  • Supported searching for items with AND regex.
  • Supported changing editor/table view fonts.
  • Added shortcut reload the current tab: Command + Option + R
  • Improved column auto-sizing.
  • [CSV] Added matching strategy.
  • [CSV] Export CSV uses “Quote if needed” as the default option.
  • Bring back option: double click to import Favorite.
  • Pretty function now can validate/sort JSON.
  • Enable editor when executing a query.
  • [Advanced filter] Supported ILIKE.
  • [Cockroach] Fixed a bug where the user can’t update a table with bytea primary.
  • [Mongo] Added support sorting column.
  • [Mongo] TablePlus now sorts key in the table view mode.
  • [Redis] Fixed an advanced filter bug.
  • [SQLite] Fixed a bug loading table primary key.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug generate alter column statement.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug foreign key and index columns were not loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where backup/restore didn’t work due to Apple hardened.
  • Fixed a bug run history.
  • Fixed an auto-completion bug where TablePlus didn’t add a double quote.
  • Fixed a bug where JSON Editor keys were not sorted.
  • Fixed a bug where JSON Editor was not editable.
  • Fixed a bug exporting connection could skip the ungrouped connections.

Build 212 - Hot patch

Release date: 5 Apr 2019.

SHA: 3aacc45048a00479d442a0d7273c66bda3cf710d881ccea98749fb39ccf17e10
  • Fixed a crash when importing/exporting Gzip file.
  • Fixed a crash when using auto-completion.

Build 210 - New features and bug fixes

Release date: 4 Apr 2019.

SHA: 6f58053cce1dfde635b922679993b90845a55e1ad494f2d770ff2f32fbc8d904
  • Fixed some potential crash bugs.
  • Added shortcut key: Toggle Block Comment.
  • Added shortcut key: Select Next/Previous Workspace.
  • Supported changing shortcut keys.
  • Supported adding/deleting/duplicating rows in the query result.
  • Sorted JSON columns in JSONViewer.
  • Added MariaDB identify.
  • [MySQL] Auto suggestion table now can cross databases.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug where TablePlus could ignore the extra info when creating a new column.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug which can cause command out of sync.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug where TablePlus could generate a wrong Alter Column Query.
  • [MySQL] Added database encoding and collation.
  • [SQL Server] Money data type now shows 4 digits.
  • [SQL Server] Enable replicate login.
  • [Cassandra] Supported creating a new keyspace.
  • Fixed a bug when Toggling Comment in SQL Editor.
  • Updated SSH lib.

Build 204 - New features and bug fixes

Release date: 18 Mar 2019.

SHA: 3ddd9335dea342986e7919bc21db0555fb646ffefbabe7b03bf75c34a150cf6b
  • Added an option disable auto save Favorites.
  • Supported sort table by multiple columns.
  • Supported duplicate multiple rows
  • Improved sort result performance.
  • [PostgreSQL] Supported change view encoding.
  • [Advanced Filter] Added BETWEEN operator.
  • [SQLite] Supported view blob data.
  • TablePlus now always opens a SQL file in a new tab.
  • TablePlus now remembers the advanced filter state (show/hide).
  • TablePlus now remembers column position, size.
  • Fixed Query Editor Layout issue.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug where TablePlus could show wrong affected rows number.
  • [Redshift] Fixed an issue where TablePlus auto-suggestion could slow down the app.
  • [Cockroach] Fixed bug load foreign keys.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug where TablePlus could show wrong date format.

Build 200 - New features and bug fixes

Release date: 04 Mar 2019.

SHA: 5a9d2452a71227a030937f82cedd14a685fdf853f33829215b2f7a9eedf7492e
  • New Favorite design.
  • Improved query result message in single tab mode.
  • Improved Copy as Markdown Table.
  • Added IN/NOT IN into quick filter.
  • Supported copy multiple history queries.
  • Supported search for connection.
  • Supported NOT IN in advanced filter.
  • Supported multiple selections in SQL Editor.
  • New design for run custom JavaScript.
  • Fixed a bug where the favorite tag could be removed after moving to a new group.
  • [Mongo] Supported URL.
  • [Redshift] Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t load indices.
  • [Redshift] Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t foreign keys.
  • [Redshift] Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t load functions.
  • [Redis] Supported SSL.
  • [Redis] Fixed a bug where TablePlus could generate the wrong query if there are multiple databases.
  • [MySQL/Redshift/MariaDB] Improved default data type value when creating a new table.
  • [Redis] Supported STREAMS.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug where TablePlus could generate the wrong index query.
  • [MySQL] Set user password now compatible for version < 5.7
  • [Cockroach] Supported limit returned rows.
  • [Snowflake] Updated libs, supported limit returned rows.

Build 194 - New features and bug fixes

Release date: 16 Feb 2019.

SHA: e622a1bb43a57611bf0f107be88470d7a10ddc6fc78567bae3c1edcaf32590f8
  • Add notification when backup/restore done.
  • Added limit returned rows for MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite.
  • User management and import wizard now respects the Safe mode.
  • [SQLite] Supported the full-text search extension.
  • [CockroachDB] Fixed a bug where TablePlus could generate a wrong update statement.
  • [Redis] Supported advanced filter.
  • [MySQL] User management per database.
  • [MySQL] Support backup/restore via local socket.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug where TablePlus couldn’t update index name.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed an issue where TablePlus could show the wrong time format.
  • Fixed an import SQL bug.
  • Fixed a bug export CSV with an empty column name.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus could show error popup repeatedly.
  • Fixed a memory leak bug.
  • Fixed a bug indent SQL with tabs.
  • Avoid escape JSON character after Pretty.

Build 190 - Happy Lunar New Year

Release date: 3 Feb 2019.

SHA: adda9bf1225c56b22653144f5e69845117b8d0079b4ddd3cd3361628828ce292
  • Beautifier now respects the indent setting.
  • Supported pretty JSON on the right sidebar (menu dropdown).
  • [Mongo] Allow empty database when creating a new connection.
  • [Mongo] Supported insert a new row.
  • [Advanced filter] Auto adds braces for IN.
  • [Advanced filter] Jump to the last applied filter instead of the first filter when pressing: Command + F.
  • Fixed a memory leak bug.
  • Fixed a bug where connections/groups could be overridden when syncing via Dropbox.
  • Fixed a rare crash bug that could occur when editing a query.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug where TablePlus imports fail but won’t report any error.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug where editing MySQL structure could generate a wrong statement.

Build 188 - Welcome MongoDB

Release date: 28 Jan 2019.

SHA: aa9f4b28c39d80351928e88ab6d55a193cc902a9325f662cd515fc8ea65e5fb6
  • [Mongo] Added basic support: table view mode.
  • [Redis] 10x faster.
  • Updated left sidebar item layout.
  • Table now cache the column size in the query result.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug display wrong Time value.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug set Auto increment.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug show error message.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug set default value.
  • Fixed a bug the main window is not shown after closing workspace.
  • Fixed a bug export single table.
  • Fixed a rare bug where TablePlus crashed when creating a connection.

Build 182 - New Features and Bug fixes

Release date: 20 Jan 2019.

SHA: 9fb00243048ec914a6795666af56e8937cef61b22155014b897613e742e290ef
  • [PostgreSQL] Supported export/import PostgreSQL with foreign keys.
  • Supported Import/Export/Open Gzip file.
  • Added SQL Tab into Export Result popup.
  • Push notification after exporting/exporting.
  • TablePlus now remembers your favorite export/import options.
  • Changed tabs color in the dark theme.
  • TablePlus now allows opening 1 Table in multiple Tabs.
  • Fixed a crash bug when restoring a big dump file.
  • Fixed a bug auto-suggestion.
  • [Oracle] Fixed a crash bug when reconnecting.
  • [PostgreSQL] Improved raise notice.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug update row contains JSON.
  • Fixed a bug advanced filter with IN formula.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus doesn’t show plus button when viewing workspaces.

Build 176 - Very important bug fixes.

Release date: 14 Jan 2019.

SHA: 1ec0437e686f85e0ffc258b72bd1a3f172a6388f708d9c3f2a0d57276e5a169d
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus shows unexpected Safe Mode popup.
  • Fixed a bug where TablePlus shows unexpected Connection popup.
  • Improved Open Anything.
  • Updated the connection form UI.
  • [SQL Server] Supported select Protocol Version when creating a new connection.
  • [Snowflake] Fixed a bug where TablePlus shows boolean value as EMPTY and 1.
  • [SSH] Fixed a bug where TablePlus didn’t ask for the private key passphrase password.
  • Fixed a bug escape character when importing a CSV.
  • Fixed a licensing UI issue.

Build 174 - New features and bug fixes.

Release date: 10 Jan 2019.

SHA: e86b11d7b91f5ea8b67592f66a4a59fa004f532744765e406ac8b53f438ff611
  • Added PostgreSQL 11.0 binaries.
  • Added more monospaced fonts: Monaco, Menlo.
  • Copy Rows As… now are filtered by selected columns.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug show MAX varchar length.
  • [MariaDB] Fixed a bug where TablePlus won’t allow you to edit query result.
  • [Cassandra] Supported data type TUPLE.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug Copy As Insert Statements.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug Update Counter.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug show RAISE NOTICE.
  • [PostgreSQL] Supported push RAISE NOTICE notification.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed bug backup/restore database with an escaped password.
  • Fixed some table structure layout issues.
  • Fixed a bug copy/paste rich text which contains links into SQL Editor.
  • Fixed a bug where the Column Sort is removed unexpectedly when reloading data.
  • Fixed a bug where Table Grid is moved unexpectedly when editing a cell.
  • Fixed a bug update DEFAULT value when creating a new table.
  • Fixed a bug ENUM is not updated after editing.
  • Fixed a crash bug when switching theme in macOS 10.11.
  • Fixed a rare bug where TablePlus didn’t save the advanced filters.
  • Fixed a rare bug where TablePlus didn’t save the last query.

Build 170 - Bug fixes.

Release date: 30 Dec 2018.

SHA: 27efc9db57e92b887256d67bd255f29de8b509cf51cb4b2a60faacea0b434941
  • Supported unlock Safe Mode with Touch ID.
  • Improved the advanced filter UI/UX.
  • [SQL Server] Supported IDENTITY when creating a new table.
  • [SQL Server] Supported change connection encoding.
  • [MySQL] Supported change connection encoding.
  • [MySQL] Added User management.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug when editing the default value.
  • Fixed a bug export tables.
  • Fixed bug filter columns with spaces.
  • Fixed a crash bug table dum table dee.
  • Fixed a bug import CSV with null timestamp.
  • Fixed a bug copy as… with an empty column name.

Build 164 - Bug fixes.

Release date: 09 Dec 2018.

SHA: a06e10479ce2f3dd649b284f324ce69739a0d70f8a2d1e83bd1f40fc232f6408
  • Improved general UI/UX.
  • Show error detail when importing a CSV.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug get the primary key in Cassandra 2.2.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a crash bug when parsing decimal.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a backup/restore dump flags.
  • Fixed a bug case sensitive when navigating by foreign key links.

Build 160 - Bug fixes.

Release date: 30 Nov 2018.

SHA: d53d06c27cf30031324e6dc7e1a3aeac09208b0a7e48d15fd8f7d4c690d53e4a
  • Added disconnect into the main menu.
  • General performance improvements.
  • Fixed a bug duplicate a row.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug generate insert/update with empty string
  • Fixed bug Keep Connection Alive option can’t be turned off.
  • Fixed a insert/update row inline.
  • Improved inline edit/delete rows speed.
  • Fixed a bug draw status bar.
  • Supported copy result as Raw.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed bug show datetime2 and decmial.

Build 156 - Bug fixes.

Release date: 15 Nov 2018.

SHA: d8b387240e31b985d5bc49d44ff4592f7d1e8a51c2b51025602cdd069e849609
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when updating table.

Build 154 - Bug fixes.

Release date: 14 Nov 2018.

SHA: 01920729ee388a44f512f61c09a5093d90787222dd97c629e4e6f0696718fccb
  • [MySQL] Fixed a crash bug when import SQL Dump.
  • [Oracle] Fixed a bug cancel query.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug get function list in PostgreSQL 11.
  • [Oracle] Supported PL/SQL syntax.
  • [Redis] Fixed a bug get databases.
  • [Snowflake] Fixed a bug hanging when returning an error.
  • Fix a rare bug generate update statement.
  • The sidebar database icon now has the color of the status bar.
  • TablePlus will fallback to ASCII and windowsCP1252 after failing to import SQL file with utf8.
  • Improved export, dump file speed.
  • Always open a new SQL tab when clicking the SQL button.
  • [Redis] Improved syntax parsing.
  • [MySQL] Fixed an escape character bug.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed an escape character bug.
  • Supported move focuses with up/down arrows.
  • Improved theme’s colors.

Build 150 - Bug fixes and new features.

Release date: 05 Nov 2018.

SHA: 0ec9682c512e5878b3fe7e9117551869556dcfcdeeb9be0c88c645a76ec05d81
  • [MySQL] Supported binary UUID as a primary key.
  • [MySQL] Supported binary as a Foreign Key.
  • [PostgreSQL] Supported binary as a Foreign Key.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug get varint, decimal.
  • Fixed a bug escaped character when backup/restore.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when importing SQL Dump file.
  • [SSH] Supported openssh, ecdsa key types.
  • [SSH] Fixed a bug saving SSH key passphrase.
  • [MySQL] Fixed bug parse function syntax.
  • [MySQL] Updated default restore flag.
  • [Oracle] Fixed a bug export rows as insert statement.

Build 146 - Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Release date: 26 Oct 2018.

SHA: 956e92f651f93e2fa9a7cbdf36eec835bc55d887dacdfb6cf42fd009a7f68c00
  • Supported Snowflake.
  • [PostgreSQL] Supported bytea as the primary key.
  • [MySQL] Supported bulk delete table with ignoring foreign key check.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug utf8 on MySQL < 5.5.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug show Float value.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug delete multiple rows.
  • Fixed a bug auto resize sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug reload row detail.
  • Fixed a bug import SQL Dump file.
  • Fixed bug selection on item outline.
  • The last SQL unique by pair connection/database.
  • Improved the query speed.

Build 142 - Big improvements and New features.

Release date: 10 Oct 2018.

SHA: dd5f9011503a73293ea1b6548badffa121661f436f3d257a02a89bf1a49594a9
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed bug backup/restore.
  • [MySQL] Fixed bug backup/restore without password.
  • Localized syntax SQL Syntax.
  • Supported import SQL Dump.
  • Fixed an escape bug in advanced filter.
  • Improved export table function.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a few table structure issues.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed bug drop primary key.
  • [Oracle] Fixed a bug cancel query.
  • [Cassandra] Supported edit query result in SQL Query.
  • [Cockroach] Supported edit query result in SQL Query.
  • [SQL Server] Set default options.
  • Updated general UI (Colors and images).
  • Hide ping from query status bar.
  • Increased MySQL timeout.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug update boolean column.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug connect to Microsoft Azure.
  • Updated PostgreSQL and MySQL binaries.
  • Fixed some potential crash bugs

Build 136 - Critical Update for Mojave.

Release date: 30 Sep 2018.

SHA: 7e7a592dfe317db71425d869a92d0933a1110b22feb25841a8d993b9b87fc8fd
  • Added force reconnect hotkey: command + shift + R.
  • Added timeout for connection, ask the user if they want to reconnect.
  • Added auto theming.
  • Dark theme is free for all users.
  • Fixed a bug text editor cursor disappears on Mojave.
  • [PostgreSQL] Supported view check condition.
  • Show JSON viewer if the text is a valid JSON.
  • Show symbol ~ estimated row.
  • Fixed a crash bug after adding a new index in a new table.
  • [Oracle] Fixed a bug view the View data.
  • Fixed a bug auto-suggestion column for tables in case sensitive.
  • Fixed a bug switch database for the free version.
  • Fixed a bug the pinned table.
  • Fixed a bug escape JSON string.

Build 132 - Critical Update for Mojave.

Release date: 25 Sep 2018.

SHA: 5264883ea37399456583355fea58b095b9d8241f7dc5bb82364200a8f652b468
  • [Critical Update] Fixed crash on Mojave official release.
  • Highlight table on the left sidebar after opening it by Open Anything.

Build 130 - Improved speed and stability.

Release date: 22 Sep 2018.

SHA: cfc2440e95931be9e1aeaca634d760bafc051264593e8b1282699b5807d64ef9
  • Attempt to fix resizing bug in SQL Query screen.
  • Upgrade SSH lib and optimize SSH speed.
  • [Cassandra] Supported view counter type.
  • [Cassandra] Supported view date type.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed bug compatible with version 2.
  • [MySQL] Fixed bug edit query result for a table has the uppercase name.
  • [CockroachDB] Fixed bug compatible with beta 2.1.
  • Disable automatic quote substitution in Quick Look and detail view.
  • Optimize TablePlus speed

Build 128 - Faster and better.

Release date: 13 Sep 2018.

SHA: f9c0f66127428c889f48e8fd31aa59c656c29fe45aa728cf0928ce6d19a2eb7c
  • [Important] Fixed a crash bug while resizing the row detail.
  • Improved TablePlus Speed, it loads rows faster now.
  • Table data/structure is only loaded if needed.
  • [MySQL] Supported edit results in SQL Query when using table alias.
  • [MySQL] Fixed bug edit structure set extra.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug create a new sequence.
  • [EL Capitan] Fixed bug switch database.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed bug create a sequence.
  • Improved console UI/UX.

Build 125 - Bug fixes and new features.

Release date: 04 Sep 2018.

SHA: 47f75ef3a766ef0ef28af13c648ca09f5f0c4cae09100342e5b94553f42b633f
  • Added console log: Command + Shift + C.
  • Fixed a bug previous button does not work properly when monkey testing.
  • Fixed a bug cannot commit in SQL Query.
  • Fixed many crash bugs.
  • Auto expands text column.
  • Fixed autocompletion sometimes doesn’t suggest column name.
  • Export connection file now includes group logos.

Build 122 - Stability improvements.

Release date: 27 Aug 2018.

SHA: 76e45139cef4879fe3f84d97db3a6c5e6bc5f3a4bd3d669d467c98efaa05fe33
  • Supported Redshift functions.
  • Fixed some potential crash bugs.
  • After build 122, we will change the update schedule to from weekly to monthly, if you want to receive weekly update, join our beta build: Preferences > Receive Beta Updates.

Build 121 - Bug fixes and new features.

Release date: 24 Aug 2018.

SHA: 2f63de93d1c42c837cc8f95b287f3fc119a200754accbf828f728d87e96d1de1
  • Supported open a connection by ID.
  • Supported open Redis by URL.
  • [Cassandra] Supported show UDT type value.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed bug show null value.
  • [Cassadnra] Fixed bug insert LIST/SET data type.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed update UUID.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug TablePlus didn’t report the error message.
  • [PostgreSQL] Show precision for DateTime.
  • Command + S in SQL Query will trigger save dialog.
  • Fixed some potential crash bugs.
  • General UX improvements.

Build 120 - Bug fixes and new features.

SHA: 9d96634d8e9eaa4101825bec60de35921cd8090b40b95093665ff65b2d255d80

Release date: 17 Aug 2018.

  • Added table’s comment in the item overview tab.
  • Supported render multiple results.
  • Sorting rows is case insensitive, now.
  • Improved SQL Editor performance.
  • Updated schema colors.
  • Fixed memory leak on OSX 10.11.
  • [Redis] Fixed a crash bug when ran a SET statement.

Build 119 - Bug fixes and new features.

SHA: a7d472e529c137864d08d011ed37348e035490daf2e6413e071ad7479a0e2962

Release date: 10 Aug 2018.

  • [Important] Fixed a crash bug when executed multiple statements.
  • Supported favorite keyword binding.
  • Supported create a new table from CSV.
  • [Redis] Corrected query status.

Build 118 - Enhancements.

SHA: eab49b8a06b8fb55a577b29875bfb57b13fc0e1039fa7876bff4f638edb66807

Release date: 3 Aug 2018.

  • Supported search item by regex: | or ,.
  • Added shortcut for item search bar: command + shift + F.
  • Supported copy column name in data view.
  • Do not collapse SplitView when opened for the first time.
  • [MS SQL] Show length of nvarchar.
  • Fixed copy as CSV in the table structure.
  • [Redis] Fixed a parser bug.

Build 117 - JSON Viewer, UI improvements.

SHA: 180660b99e9dc9cf48d1abc77b154be7648878d4974b2c109c2a3ce07bfc7176

Release date: 27 Jul 2018.

  • Added JSON Viewer.
  • Simplify the menu context in SQL Query.
  • Show editor after adding a Favorite.
  • Fixed many Mojave UI issues.
  • Fixed a dock menu bug.
  • Fixed a bug moving window by dragging title bar.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug get TINY INT and SMALL INT.

Build 116 - Bug fixes.


Release date: 19 Jul 2018.

  • Fixed unexpected crash in SQL Query.
  • [MySLQ] Fixed a bug parse ENUM.
  • [MySQL] Support BIT data type.
  • Improved counter and loading states.
  • Supported disable loading wallpaper.
  • Improved Vertica support.

Build 115 - Enhancements.


Release date: 13 Jul 2018.

  • Supported export/import all connections and groups.
  • Improved syntax parsing, supported detection transaction/code block.
  • Open Anything supported schema switching.
  • [Cockroach] Fixed bug get indexes/foreign keys.
  • Improved import CSV Wizard.

Build 114 - General UI/UX improvements, new features.


Release date: 07 Jul 2018.

  • Supported custom CSV decimal delimiter.
  • Changed the filter button title to Apply All.
  • Improved UX when clicking on the linked cell.
  • Fixed a bug hide an empty filter.
  • [PostgreSQL] Bring back RAISE NOTICE.
  • [PostgreSQL]Fixed a bug showing wrong the column name.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed sort columns in table structure.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed parsing syntax when statements contain BEGIN TRANSACTION.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug update column default.

Build 113 - Bug fixes, stability improvements and new features.


Release date: 29 Jun 2018.

  • General UI improvements.
  • [MySQL] Supported dual drivers for MySQL 8 and MySQL 5.
  • [PostgreSQL] [SQL Server] Supported precision and scale for numeric.
  • [PostgreSQL] Show varchar length in column detail.
  • Supported copy selected columns.
  • Command + D: duplicate row.
  • Auto-focus after row inserted/duplicated.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a crash bug.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a filter bug.
  • Fixed a bug showing wrong foreign key.
  • Other bug fixes and stability improvements.

Build 112 - Official support MySQL 8 and new features.

Release date: 25 Jun 2018.

  • Official support MySQL 8.
  • Added support caching sha2 password.
  • Supported secured export/import connections.
  • [MS SQL] Fixed bug edit view definition.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed some bug view TimeUUID.
  • Improved Cassandra support with alter column command.
  • Fixed a bug export connection URL.

Build 111 - Enhancements.

Release date: 22 Jun 2018.

  • [Redis] Supported auth Redis with Password.
  • Supported auto-completion for tables having name contains special characters.
  • Updated dark theme on Mojave.
  • Fixed a crash bug when removing an advanced filter.
  • [MySQL] Supported GEOMETRY, JSON.
  • [Cassandra] Fixed a bug error message is not showing.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug edit procedure.
  • [Redis] Fixed crash when executing a query having quotes.

Build 110 - New features.


Release date: 15 Jun 2018.

  • Redesigned the safe mode confirmation popup.
  • [Redis] Supported get value with key contains space.
  • Fixed a few layout issues on Mojave.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed an auto-complete bug.
  • Supported suggest function name in auto-completion.
  • Improved advanced filters UX.
  • Fixed some layout issue in SQL Editor.
  • TablePlus now shows primary index.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug drop function/procedure.
  • Do not show multiple error popups when disconnected.
  • Improved restore/backup windows.

Build 109 - Cassandra + Mojave.

Release date: 8 Jun 2018.

  • Fixed a few issues on macOS Mojave.
  • Added Cassandra support.
  • Improved SSH tunneling.
  • [Important] Fixed a bug generate the wrong update statement.
  • Added more SQLite extensions.
  • Fixed a bug SSH network traffic.

Build 108 - Enhancements.

Release date: 1 Jun 2018.

  • Show sequences in Table Definition.
  • Added an option allow users to customize favorite/history behavior.
  • TablePlus will not swipe text when pressing ESC in advanced filter.
  • Fixed a bug auto adding quotes in auto-completion.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug schema not shown.
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug set default value in the table structure.
  • [MySQL] Supported auto detect socket.
  • Fixed an export CSV/JSON bug.

Build 107 - Enhancements.

Release date: 25 May 2018.

  • Improved welcome screen UI.
  • Supported row alternating color in the dark theme.
  • Added Overview items in left sidebar menu context.
  • TablePlus no longer close workspace after disconnected.
  • Disabled select current query in structure view/function view and trigger.
  • TablePlus no longer deselect row after pressing the tab key.
  • Added an option to disable highlight current query.
  • Add an option to hide function/recently sections.
  • Add an option to hide system schema.
  • Improved theme’s colors.
  • Fixed a crash bug due to some special characters (Example: Turkey).
  • Fixed bug shift-left string in SQL Query.
  • Fixed an escaping bug.
  • Fixed a bug lost all tabs when reconnecting.
  • And many other bug fixes and improvements.

Build 106 - Stability improvements.

Release date: 18 May 2018.

  • Support enum type.
  • Support customize the toolbar.
  • Improved toolbar UI.
  • [SQL Server] Show data length in the table structure.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug escape column name.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug get item listing.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug get view definition.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed bug create a view.
  • Fixed a crash bug in Open Anything.
  • Fixed theming bug in backup/restore windows, pre-populate database name.
  • Fixed many other minor bugs.

Build 105 - Updated UI, new features added.

Release date: 11 May 2018.

  • Column default supported: Sequence, Expression, Constant.
  • Added scroller bars for item/favorite/history panel.
  • Updated app UI color scheme.
  • Improved syntax highlighting.
  • Improved auto-completion.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug load foreign key.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug load table’s OID.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed a bug query returned the wrong result when there are duplicated fields.

Build 104 - Added trigger support.

Release date: 06 May 2018.

  • Added trigger support.
  • Supported drag/drop favorite.
  • [SQL Server] Show message state/level/line.
  • Fixed a bug export JSON.
  • Fixed a bug wrong syntax when editing a table index.
  • Do not exit fullscreen mode when pressing ESC in SQL Query.
  • Do not add an empty filter when pressing Command + F.
  • Fixed some other minor issues.

Build 103 - Enhancement.

Release date: 30 Apr 2018.

  • Supported SSH keyboard-interactive. (Two-factor authentication,…).
  • Added menu “Save As…” in SQL Query, Favorite, History…
  • [MySQL] Fixed a bug create auto increment for a column which wasn’t a primary key.
  • Fixed sort column ordinal in the table’s structure.
  • Fixed a bug reload row detail.
  • Fixed a memory leak bug.
  • Fixed a bug set filter by clicking on the foreign key link.
  • Fixed perfect pixels.

Build 102 - Bug fixes.

Release date: 21 Apr 2018.

  • [MySQL] Supported MySQL 8.0.
  • [PostgreSQL] Fixed a bug load table structure.
  • [SQLite] Fixed a bug load foreign keys.
  • Fixed a bug restore saved filters.
  • Added Vertica DB driver.

Build 101 - Improved SQL Editor.

Release date: 20 Apr 2018.

  • Auto add quote when table/column has space or case sensitive in auto-completion.
  • 100x faster syntax parsing.
  • [SQLite] Supported rtree index.
  • [SQLite, SQL Server] Supported edit data directly in SQL Query.
  • [SQL Server] Fixed bug beautify SQL.
  • Supported show table creation/comment.
  • Fixed a bug missing options when creating a foreign key.
  • Changed comment code color.

Build 100 - The 100th build.

Release date: 13 Apr 2018.

  • Redis official support.
  • Enabled “run current” and “split result into tabs” by default.
  • Supported save filter states.
  • [MySQL] Support procedure.
  • [PostgreSQL] Improved parsing function.
  • [SQLite] Added encrypted key into connection form.
  • [SQL Server] Faster canceling a query.
  • [CockroachDB] Improved array serializer.
  • Supported export as HTML.
  • Fixed a bug when running custom query.
  • Fixed a syntax bug when sorting column.
  • Refactored title bar.