TablePlus provides a native CockroachDB client on mac with GUI Tools and an intuitive user interface to help you connect, query, browse, edit and manage your CockroachDB databases in a fast and secure way.

A native GUI client for CockroachDB

A native build ensures the consistency and the highest performance. TablePlus was built native on top of Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, Perl for OSX allowing the app to take advantage of the native elements of the system to provide a very fast experience. Everything feels instantly.

TablePlus is also equipped with many security features including native SSH library and keyboard interactive to protect your CockroachDB connections.

Browse your CockroachDB database then edit if you like

The database browser for CockroachDB is intuitive with a well-polished and easy to use interface that doesn’t require much effort into figuring out how to use the app.

It supports a spreadsheet-like view so you can edit rows directly inline. It also offers multiple filters to quickly see the records you need from the table.

Design and edit database structure

You can be able to create, edit or delete columns without having to remember the alter table syntax. Comments and constraints are also supported.

A smart CockroachDB query editor

TablePlus provides a powerful query editor with the best with built-in highlight syntax, autocomplete, split panes and split results into multiple tabs to compare easily.

Other than CockroachDB, TablePlus also allows you to access and manage many other databases inlcuding Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Redis…

Download TablePlus for Mac.

Not on Mac? Download TablePlus for Windows.

On Linux? Download TablePlus for Linux

Need a quick edit on the go? Download TablePlus for iOS

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