1. Can’t connect using the SSH Alias

If you use the Ssh Config and cannot create a connection, make sure that you already ticked on the “Use SSH key” box. In this case, you don’t need to import the key because TablePlus will use the SSH Config if the key is empty.

Without it, TablePlus will not read the SSH config this fail to create a connection.

Connection over SSH

2. TablePlus keeps asking for private SSH key password repeatedly

Issue #412 with step to reproduce:

  • Create a new connection and tunnel it through SSH.
  • Import the private key.
  • TablePlus repeatedly requests for the private key, saying “Please enter SSH private key password”.

Even though you entered the right key that you have been using normally with other tools, but the popup keeps appearing in TablePlus after multiple attempts to import.

This is a known issue and we are investigating it. If you happened to encounter this issue, please use the download and try with the debug build below. It has the SSH log enabled.

Download the debug build

You guy can run it and see the log for more detail with the command below:

  • Move the debug app to Desktop.
  • Open terminal and run:
cd ~/Desktop

Please do not run the app by clicking on it, use the command line above to run it, do not run it directly in one command, please cd to the folder and use exactly the same statement above.

Then please send the log to us via [email protected] It will help us troubleshoot faster. Thanks!