This is the generic syntax for MySQL Connection URL using the Connector/J driver:


1. Protocol

There are four possible protocols for a connection:

  • jdbc:mysql: is for ordinary and basic failover connections.
  • jdbc:mysql:loadbalance: is for configuring load balancing.
  • jdbc:mysql:replication: is for configuring a replication setup.
  • mysqlx: is for connections using the X Protocol.

2. Hosts

If it’s a single host, such as localhost, the hosts part is in the format host:port and the URL syntax is as simple as this:

  • host can be an IPv4 or an IPv6 host name string. When not specified, localhost will be used.
  • post can be an integer from 1 to 65535. The default port number for MySQL connection is 3306, and for a connection using the X Protocol is 33060. If not specified, the default port will be used.

You can specify user credentials in the URL:

For example:

jdbc:mysql://myuser:[email protected]:3306/db

When there’re multiple hosts, the hosts will be listed in a comma-separated list:


Then the URL syntax will be like this:


If you want to include user credentials and allow sharing by all hosts, put the list of hosts inside the square blankets:

jdbc:mysql://myuser:[email protected][myhost1:port1,myhost2:port2]/db

3. Database

This to specify the default database to be opened when connected to the server. If there’s no database specified, the connection is made with no default database.

4. Properties

A succession of global properties applying to all hosts, preceded by ? and written as key=value pairs separated by the symbol & 

For example:

jdbc:mysql://myuser:[email protected]:3306/db?key1=value1&key2=value2&key3=value3


jdbc:mysql://myuser:[email protected][myhost1:port1,myhost2:port2]/db?key1=value1&key2=value2&key3=value3

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