TablePlus for Windows - When is it coming out?

This question has been asked a lot and we’d like to have some official words about it.

We started to build a Windows version for TablePlus awhile ago and we expected to release it in January 2018.

We are just a small team specialized in building Mac app and that was an easy part, we built the mac app from the ground up in two months. However, this is our first time building a Windows app and we underestimated it. We got into trouble with Swift compiler on Windows (not officially supported, only Linux and Unix). We decided not to wait for Swift and rebuild all the whole thing in C/C#. Along the way, we got so busy with the bug report and new feature requests for the mac app and we needed to put the highest priority on making the app stable first. So it takes longer than we expected.

[June update] - We are having a private beta. The updates will be posted here

[August update] - TablePlus Windows is coming to public beta. Hooray!

You can download TablePlus Windows from here

How about a Linux version?

At the moment, we do not have a plan for a Linux version. Because Linux has too many distros. We decided not to use any frameworks to build the interface. Since the team is very small, we have to focus on our best.

If we come up with a plan for it, we will let you know.

Sorry for the inconvenience that might cause.