Currently, we are not having any programs to work with new reseller, so if you are a reseller and need to get a quote, please find our information below:

Company information

Order information

  • Official Price: $59/license. For more options, visit our pricing page.
  • Currency: USD.
  • Payment accepted: PayPal, Credit/Debit cards, Apple Pay (Safari browser only).
  • Payment Terms NET 30, 45: No, we don’t have NET terms.
  • How will the order be delivered? Via email.
  • Are there any signed contracts? No, we normally don’t sign any additional contracts. It’s a one-off purchase.

Please find our Privacy PolicyEnd User License Agreement, and Terms of Service.

In short, it covers our rights and responsibilities, including what TablePlus does and does not do to our user’s data while using it, and most importantly: 

  1. TablePlus never sends or stores any of your data to our server. All database credentials are safely kept in the user’s device hard storage.
  2. TablePlus does store customer’s email address on our server in the US for license manager only. The device identification is one-way hash and it does not contain any private information about user’s device, just a private hash. 
  3. TablePlus does use AppCenter, a product from Microsoft for the crash report. Current data retention period is 90 days. However, you can turn it off from the app’s preference.

How to place an order

If you are a reseller and want to buy a license for your client, here is how: 

  1. Go to our pricing page:
  2. Purchase license(s) using your email address. This email will receive and manage the invoice later on. Remember to use your own email address, not your client’s email address, if you don’t want your client to receive the invoice.
  3. Check out with PayPal, Apple Pay, or Credit/Debit card.

After you finish the payment, you will receive two emails: 

  • One email from * with the license key(s).
  • One email from * with the invoice. In this email, you will be provided a link to the online version of your invoice so you can input your company information, including VAT number.

Transfer the license: If you wish to transfer the ownership of the license from your email address to your client’s email address, send a request to [email protected] and we will update manually for you. Your client’s email address will then be able to manage the license while your email address is still used for payment and invoice management.

Vendor information for PO Market Limited ( is our current payment service provider and they also act as a reseller. So in some cases that you need vendor information to complete a PO, you can add as the vendor, and TablePlus as the manufacturer.

You can find’s information here, or reach out to Paddle’s support team at [email protected] for further questions.

Here is an example of the invoice you will be receiving after placing an order.

Paddle Invoice Ex